Armed security guards are a strong deterrent for criminals to avoid your property.

United Security Services offers guards for every location.  We specialize in licensed armed guards.  Being an armed guard is a huge responsibility.  We make it our mission to verify all of our guards have been thoroughly screened as a safety precaution.  Our armed security guards go through a thorough background check as well as a rigorous hiring process.  Every guard is licensed and bonded.  All of our guards are licensed through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).  We verify all of our armed guards are trained before putting them out in the field.  We require extensive training to keep their qualifications up to date. 

We offer 24 hours armed security officers as needed by our clients.  They are available for locations all over California.  Hours are flexible to accommodate the customers needs.  We understand the security business can have immediate needs and we are here to meet those needs.  We work with you to make sure you have a guard that is the right fit for your location. Our operations team will work with you in creating a personalized set of post orders that your guard will have access to.  Your guard will be made aware of all of your concerns as the property owner or manager. 

Armed Guard Services
Armed Guard Services

A armed personalized guard will be matched with your company to meet all your needs as a customer.

A uniformed guard is a natural deterrent for property crime as well as location crimes.  The armed guard protecting your property or assets will be thorough in all duties that are required.  Our armed guards are certified with personal weapons so they are comfortable with their firearm.  At United Security Services armed security guards are trained to observe the situation and report the information to the proper chain of command necessary.  With our armed guards you can be confident in knowing that they are prepared to handle any situation that could arise in a professional and confident manner.

Guarding a retail location, special event, business or personal can be a challenge.  Our armed security team is up for the challenge.  The team here at United Security Services works together as one to provide the best level of services possible.  Our guards report using the state of the art app that you will have personalized login to monitor as it is reported.  You will have no surprises.  You will have the ability to monitor your account through any wi-fi enabled device at your convenience.  Your personalized account manager will provide you with an individualized login so you have the ability to monitor the reports being provided in real time.

Whether a one time event or a 24/7 location our armed guards will provide you with effective and professional service.

Our armed guards are available for one time events as well as permanent accounts.  We are also able to provide on demand service as needed.  Our guards can check in guests at a guard shack or location entrance, provide armed security services at all retail locations or even stand post at a construction site.  Hospitals are requiring armed guards now more than ever.  Our  armed guards are available and ready and up for the task.  Know that here at United Security Services we want to add you to the family and protect your assets as if they were our own.

Armed Guard Services
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